About Us

PreEmptive Meds, Inc., (PMEDS) is a research-driven OTx (Over-the-Counter Therapeutics) company focused on preempting disease at the pre-disease stage.  We develop and deliver novel nutraceuticals as effective first-line options for a host of chronic conditions.

Advances in food technology allow us to standardize and extract bio-actives from plant and marine biology and dispense them in palatable formats with predictable and measurable batch-to-batch efficacy. These naturally-sourced micronutrients are well-tolerated and derived from food supply from around the world.


PMEDS was founded in 2008 in the USA.  Today,  we have sales and marketing subsidiaries India and China and contracted manufacturing sites in USA, UK, China and India.  Two of its proprietary brands are licensed globally by Abbott Labs, one of the largest healthcare companies in the world.


Our contracted manufacturing sites for finished goods and our raw material suppliers are audited frequently by US-FDA and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.